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Word of Mouth Matters_ 4 Reasons Your Business Needs Google Reviews

In this digitally oriented landscape, the internet has revolutionized the entire shopping experience for most modern consumers today. With over 90 percent of shoppers looking up online reviews when deciding to purchase products or services from a brand, the need to establish a prominent online presence in popular google review websites should no longer be an afterthought for businesses.

Online reviews – whether good or bad – can give you an advantage in more ways than one. In addition to optimizing the user experience, you can use the reviews to improve your business and put your leg up ahead of your competitors. With that in mind, here are the reasons why your business needs Google reviews:

Benefit #1: Improve Your Google Reviews

Google’s bots and other search engines will always favor well-reviewed businesses, which is why it is crucial to set up either a Google My Business Listings or strive to get other reviews online to boost your ranking factor.

The more reviews your business has the higher your chances of improving your rankings, which can later result in wider visibility for your brand. This means that customers are likely to see more of your brand pop up in search results, allowing you to attract more audience.

Benefit #2: Boost Your Click-Through Rate

Speaking of attracting more customers, having more star ratings under your brand can also boost your click-through rate as it can illustrate your success with previous clients and customers.

Displaying star ratings is particularly beneficial for local businesses as it provides social proof that impacts your sales. With rich reviews under your business, you can drive up to a whopping 60 percent higher purchases.

Benefit #3: Build Your Brand’s Credibility

There’s nothing more trustworthy than word-of-mouth as other people’s unbiased opinions can be reassuring for curious customers. With that in mind, having Google reviews for your business can boost your credibility and sense of professionalism.

Even negative reviews can become a winning strategy as it offers businesses a chance to improve their products or services, which drives better customer service. By proving that you care even after landing a sale, other customers will learn to trust your brand more.

Benefit #4: Improves Your Organic Search Traffic

Incorporating Google reviews to your business allows you to maximize long-tail keywords, which can boost your SEO significantly. Receiving feedback from customers can help you with your target keywords research as you can analyze their language, but it can also impact your bottom line as linking the keywords with your brand can increase your organic search traffic.

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Google Reviews in Improving Your Reputation and Enhancing Your Brand Overall

Getting online reviews from leading websites like Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and more can help drive traction to your website and draw more customers to your brand.

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