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Why Your Internet Reviews Can Break Your Holiday Campaign

As your business prepares to end the year with a bang, it’s safe to say that there’s no better time to start raking in more profit than today. With less than five weeks to go for your business to start reeling in more profit and cash in on sales opportunities, you’re most likely worrying about different parts of your operations. From supply chain and logistics matters to work schedules and pricing strategies, the number of factors that you’ll need to take care of is nearly endless. While it’s no secret that other parts of your strategy need to be prioritized, one aspect that you’ll also need to watch out for during this period is your business’s internet reviews.

Out of the different aspects that your business will need to handle at the most jam-packed time of the year, your marketing is one side of the success equation that you can’t overlook. Seeing that most transactions during the holidays take place because of campaigns, you’re likely familiar with how vital your holiday campaign is to rake in all the right results.

Why Internet reviews are more relevant for this time of year

Today, holidays are often associated with reading and brushing through reviews because customers have more opportunities to weigh out their options while finalizing their purchasing decisions.

Given that there are nearly hundreds to thousands of competitors in any industry vying for limited market shares with their own strategies, the matter of converting all boils down to reading reviews. Unfortunately, most businesses launching their holiday campaigns with high hopes of conversions fail to account for the impact of these bits of information, causing problems along the way.

How can online reviews dismantle your holiday campaign’s chances of success?

As minor as reviews may seem because of how common they are, they’re guaranteed to assume an even more significant role during the holidays because of the increased dependence consumers have on them. If you haven’t taken the time to check your Internet reviews or look at the general facts for past conversions, you’ll quickly learn that even a bad review can cause lots of turmoil within a few weeks.

You see, the average online consumer is far more careful about what they buy on the Internet because they don’t get to see, feel, or test a product out before buying it. This requires them to depend on proper reviews to gauge whether their potential purchasing decision is justified or they have better alternatives to consider. When a customer sees that your products or services have a bad review, their first instinct is to look somewhere else and completely ditch your item.

However, the bigger problem here is that shoppers rarely come back after seeing bad reviews. Today, bad reviews are seen as a plague or virus that consumers should avoid at all times. If your products or services have bad reviews that aren’t resolved, then expect to lose out on dozens or hundreds of review conversion opportunities because those customers will leave.

Thankfully, working with expert services can help prevent bad reviews from wreaking havoc on your holiday campaign’s shot at success. With the help of Rephub’s seasoned veterans and seasoned experts, you’ll quickly take care of bad reviews so that they don’t hamper you from getting more returns and other desirable results!


While there are many different things that you’ll need to worry about during the holiday season, the reviews that can either make or break your campaign are factors that you can’t overlook. By keeping an eye on your reviews and understanding the impact that they can lend to your campaign’s effectiveness, you can easily keep everything airtight in no time!

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