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Why SMBs Need to Invest in Online Reputation Management

In the past few years, the digital presence of many businesses has skyrocketed. It is now more uncommon to see a business without social media channels, be it a Facebook or Instagram account. At the very least, people expect establishments to have listings on Google My Business to provide potential customers with details like business hours and reviews. This kind of accessibility gives people the ability to find the best businesses, whether it’s the best ramen place in town or the most reliable locksmith. That is why managing your business’ reputation is just as important as conducting business itself. How people will perceive you can dictate how well your business runs, and this can be handled through online reputation management.

Given the importance of a business’ online presence, the question of its reputation naturally arises. Many customers have probably experienced some kind of bad service and flocked to the internet to leave an honest review. This can hurt the reputation of a brand—even to the point of irreparable damage.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is similar to traditional reputation management in that it deals with managing perception. It helps create, cultivate, and maintain your brand name as well as your business’ good standing online. Building a digital public image through means like reviews and positive social media engagements. This can be done by using quality reputation management software to collect reviews from customers and distribute them to several review sites. It also involves perfecting how your business responds to these reviews, whether positive or negative.

Why Small Business Should Invest in ORM

There are several advantages to having reputation management companies at the helm of your brand’s digital reputation, and these reasons are why you’ll want to invest in such a service:

You Can Improve Your Brand’s Image

Today, consumers look for something more than just high-quality products or services; after all, with everything so accessible, they can find those virtually anywhere. What sets your brand apart is the customer experience that you provide.

When businesses give their customers memorable experiences, it’s more likely that they’ll get glowing reviews and recommendations from those happy customers. The more positive experiences are featured on your website, socials, and review sites, the more that you’ll attract even more potential customers to your brand.

Your Business Will Establish More Authority

Along with attracting more customers, good reviews also establish your brand as an authority in its niche. Other businesses and customer bases in the industry will see your consistent stream of positive reviews and recognize you as a leading business in this particular space.

With authority also comes the value of tenure. When people see that many positive reviews have been left on your business pages for several months, if not years, they’re more likely to consider you a trustworthy and reputable business.

You Search Engine Rankings Will Improve

By now, you must be familiar with Search Engine Optimization and how it improves your searchability on the top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Online reputation management can also boost your rankings by improving your positive reviews.

Getting qualified leads through search engines depends on the relevance of your business web pages, which is increased by establishing your business’s reputation. Google learns to recognize certain businesses as legitimate if they are getting consistently good ratings, which then bumps your listing higher when people search for related keywords for your business in the area.


Not every business may find it necessary to have an online reputation management strategy in place, especially if they aren’t encountering any issues. However, unexpected events can happen, and things can change very quickly. Having a plan to deal with such issues when they arise is value-adding, which is usually the case as businesses continue to grow. By prioritizing your online reputation now, you can cultivate it and be ready for anything that comes in the future.

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