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Getting online reviews

Why Getting Online Reviews Is Important and How to Get More

Did you know that 93 percent of online customers read reviews first before deciding to purchase a product? That is how careful online customers are today. With the rise of eCommerce and the ease of access to products and services comes the threat of potentially getting a faulty product or a lousy service. Getting online reviews are the new personal recommendations from people. The more positive reviews a business gets, the more credible they appear to the public’s eye.

If your business website lacks an adequate amount of reviews to make your service seem reliable, we have some tips that might help you out.

The Importance of Getting Reviews

Having many people leaving positive reviews on your online platforms can give you the following benefits:

  • Increased customer trust – People always lean towards businesses with more positive reviews. Seeing other customers satisfied with their purchases gives them the confidence and trust to try it for themselves.
  • Acts as customer line – While other companies invest in analyzing their customers, you can refer to your review section to gauge how your customers or clients see your business. Based on the reviews and complaints, you know which areas you should improve on next, and you also get additional insights or suggestions—all for free and from actual customers!
  • Helps improve your search engine ranking – Customer reviews also earn your web pages more weight in local organic searches. The more reviews you get, the more the search engine will recommend your site. However, if you have more negative reviews, it may result in a lower ranking for you.

What You Can Do to Encourage Feedback

Getting more positive feedback from customers is one of the best ways to improve your business’s performance. Apart from making you feel validated and trusted, reviews can let customers gauge how well you do what you do.

Here are some tactics you can explore to get the feedback you want:

  • Make your customers happy – The best way to earn positive feedback is to give your customers the best services and products. To avoid seeing negative posts about your business online, remind your customers to contact you directly for any concerns they have, and assure them that you will prioritize and address their issues quickly.
  • Ask and make the process straightforward – If you know that they are satisfied with your service, politely ask them to leave your business page a review. Give them the link or easy steps to follow to make the whole process smoother and hassle-free.
  • Make sure to engage with their feedback – Upon receiving the feedback, reply, and give your thanks. If they have concerns posted online, make sure to respond as soon as you can. This little gesture can make them feel important and valued, regardless of what type of feedback they might have left. It also reflects on how your business treats its customers.
  • Use reputation management service – If tracking all the reviews about your business online seems impossible, you can use software to make the process more organized, productive, and efficient. You can view and respond to reviews on different platforms using one tool.


While getting feedback is essential for all businesses, it can make or break your business. In the end, a good reputation is more important. Build better business relationships with your consumers and clients and improve your service or product every time you can. That is how you create a good perception of your business that can help it grow even further.

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