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Ways to Encourage Your Customers to Leave Online Reviews

Gone are the days that businesses used to rely on customer reviews based on word-of-mouth or surveys. If you’re aiming to have a better grasp of your reputation management in this day and age, you can take advantage of the power of online reviews.

Customer feedback is essential to any company looking to expand their business and attract more buyers. Reviews can be found from online platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook and can help consumers decide whether to pursue the brand based on what previous clients have shared.

Despite the numerous benefits reviews can provide businesses, it’s not easy to get customers to offer their spare time to sit down and write about what they think and feel about the brand. Sometimes, you have to reach out to them yourself just to get them to remember. If you want to know more tips on getting your customers to leave a good review, keep reading below.

You Could Rely On Voluntary Online Reviews

Voluntary reviews are the bread and butter of customer feedback. It happens when your product or service exceeds the expectations of a consumer, and they repay you by leaving an excellent review.

They can do this by reaching out to you privately or posting publicly on their social media so that more users can also experience great customer satisfaction. Voluntary reviews radiate authenticity and can benefit your business. Just make sure to ask for permission before reposting their messages.

 You Could Consider Online Feedback

 When it comes to reviews, the feedback you receive on social media has the same impact as relying on Google review management for your business. Since most users spend their time on social media platforms, they tend to see different customer reviews without searching for them.

Aside from relying on Google and Yelp, you can also consider reaching out to your clients on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where they can freely talk about your products or services. They can even go as far as promoting your brand without asking for it because that’s how much they ended up liking what you’re offering.

 You Could Respond To Reviews

 It would also help to improve your online reputation management by responding to the online reviews you receive. Doing so can enhance your brand’s customer engagement and prove to people that you appreciate their feedback as much as their support.

While there are positive reviews, you can expect to receive a couple of negative reviews because you can never please everyone. Regardless, keeping track of the feedback you receive can still help you learn more about your strengths and weaknesses and improve on them.

You Could Ask For The Reviews

If you’re not getting the feedback you’re expecting, especially from customers who have just recently purchased from you, it would help if you reached out to them and asked for a review. Sometimes, consumers get so caught up in other agendas that they tend to forget what to do.

Asking them nicely if they could give quick feedback and explaining that your business appreciates honesty can encourage them to write a review. Receiving comments through either Google or any of your social media platforms can already be a big help for the online reputation management of your brand.


Customer reviews can go a long way to help your brand gain more customers and increase your profits. Whether they’re voluntary reviews, social media reviews, or reviews you need to ask for to get, all kinds of feedback bear significant effects on the reputation of your business.

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