Rephub - Why Your Hotel's Online Reputation Is Integral to Your Success

Rephub – Why Your Hotel’s Online Reputation Is Integral to Your Success

The online world is not as separate from the real world as many people think. What happens on the Internet often bleeds into real life, especially for business. The user-submitted reviews and testimonials about the products and services they received from your company can make or break your reputation, as other customers have access to these insights. Most people browse through hotel reviews before making a reservation, and a well-written negative evaluation is all it takes for them to take their business elsewhere.

As a professional in the hospitality industry, you’re well aware of the impact of online hotel reviews that detail your guests’ experiences. Whether they’re positive or negative, they can significantly impact your click-through rates and profits. Your rating can often make or break your chance to earn another customer.


Why Your Hotel’s Online Reputation Management is Important

 Most people make their travel reservations through the Internet, which means they access information about your hotel through websites and online testimonials. Although it’s essential to be wary of negative reviews, having reviews at all are better than none; according to a survey by Statistic Brain, almost 50 percent of travelers reportedly do not make reservations at hotels without any reviews. They also rely on online reviews when choosing hotels, making what your guests say even more important.

Without getting a handle on your hotel’s reputation management, you’ll lose opportunities for your establishment to attract more guests and generate even more revenue.


How Your Online Reputation Affects Your Revenue

 Knowing how people talk about your hotel on social media will give you better insights into how your audience perceives your brand. Having a wealth of positive reviews from satisfied guests will likely influence other travelers to book their stay at your hotel. However, negative reviews can easily stain your reputation, as it can turn customers away from your establishment. Each negative review represents a potentially lost client.


Managing Your Hotel’s Online Reputation

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 Fortunately, there are many ways to manage your hotel’s online reputation. The first is to pay attention to your guest by creating a comfortable and seamless experience when booking a reservation at your hotel. Ensure that your hotel staff is thorough and detailed in each interaction they have with a guest while asking for feedback during their stay. That way, you have enough time to respond to queries or concerns immediately. When a guest is confident that you’ve taken care of all their requests, they’ll happily post about your hotel online, which will do wonders for your reputation.

However, keep in mind that it’s impossible to make every single guest happy. Some can have unreasonable expectations and demands that are impossible to fulfill, and they can take their grudge out on you through a scathing online review. While it’s perfectly acceptable to feel stressed, you can turn the situation around by responding politely and empathetically to their comment. It’s also an opportunity to position your hotel as an establishment that genuinely cares about its guests by wanting to improve and address their concerns. Other travelers will read your response and feel impressed, which can persuade them to book with you.

Another way to manage your online reputation is by using reputation management software. With smart tools and services, you can manage reviews and your business listing websites from one place. You can also monitor your brand’s social media mentions to keep a pulse on what people are saying about your hotel. With our software, you can also generate business reviews and traffic reports, giving you all you need to manage your reputation at your fingertips.



 Reputation has always been important, but what people say about you online has even more bearing than it ever did before. It can even impact your revenue, which is crucial for you to stay in business. By employing strategies to keep your guests happy and pay attention to online conversations surrounding your hotel, you can make sure your hotel enjoys a positive reputation.

Rephub is a reputation management software that helps you take control of your online reputation. Whether you need help with business listings or social media, we can help you manage everything in one place. Try a demo today!

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