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Online Customer Reviews 101 : What Business Owners Must Know

Online customer reviews that are displayed on your site help your customer base grow. Through interaction and recommendations, previous clients are able to help potential consumers make better and more informed decisions about your products and services. As customer centric as that may seem, there are also similar benefits to this for you as the business owner.

Often, internet customer reviews get a bad reputation for being too demanding or polarizing, sometimes even unreasonable. Once you see how the benefits outweigh the cons, however, you can better appreciate customer reviews and what they can do for customer growth.

To help you out, this article will help you navigate the world of online client reviews and emphasize how a healthy flow of customer responses can help your online business grow. Your goal here is to understand better the mind of your customers and what motivates them to say certain things about your business.


1. Online customer reviews mean your business is worth talking about!

 Let’s face it—as an online business, you have an overwhelming amount of competition online. You constantly have to adapt and make sure that your business, service, products, eCommerce platform or online service is the top option in your niche. How exactly can you determine that customers prefer you over your competitors, you might ask. By actively searching, reading, and tallying your online reviews, of course!

Aside from gaining more leads, online customer reviews validate your legitimacy as a business. It shows that customers are patronizing your business and making sure that other customers hear about their experience as well. It could mean that they had a positive experience or want to provide feedback and voice out their concerns. Either way, it provides you with a good way to validate that customers are finding your products and services.


2. Customer reviews Online mean your customers care about you too!

 When scrolling through online customer reviews, you have surely encountered impossible demands or even heavy criticism from previous customers. As an online business owner, it can be disheartening to read—but remember this: customers point out mistakes because they care about your business too.

You must learn to filter out the unhelpful reviews from the constructive ones—thus allowing you to improve your customers’ experience. Some customers might just be having a bad day and are projecting on your business in the reviews section, but truly dedicated customers will see through their biases too. So instead of letting it overwhelm you, let your customers voice out their opinion and find opportunities to learn from it.


3. Online Client Feedback make you more trustworthy among other customers.


Online customer reviews also make your business appear more trustworthy to current customers and first-time visitors of your online website. Take note that this is both the case for both positive and negative reviews. While positive reviews indicate that customers are enjoying your product or services, an excessive number of positive reviews can also make you seem too perfect. In fact, you could appear less trustworthy because it may seem as if you deleted the negative reviews.

If you leave the online customer review unfiltered and open to the public, it allows you to be more authentic and transparent with your customers. This also gives you a unique opportunity to improve your branding by answering negative reviews for other customers and visitors to see. Appropriately responding to reviews plays an important part in building general customer trust, while simultaneously building a positive reputation for your brand.



Customer reviews online preserve the authenticity of customer interaction and build the integrity of your business as a legitimate service for the people. So, take the initiative and build a strong customer review platform for your business!

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