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Building Reputation Management

How to Focus on Building Reputation Management for Your Hotel

Over the past years, most people rely heavily on the Internet for affirmation, whether it’s purchasing a product or service, trying out a new restaurant, or flying to a new destination. Modern technology has played a significant role in how consumers decide on something, including the hospitality and travel industries. Keep in mind that the reviews and feedback that customers leave online can highly influence your company’s  building reputation management. They essentially serve as a guide for fellow consumers interested in your business. However, if you run a hotel, you may not be paying enough attention to your online reputation management.

You should expect consumers to constantly go through changes, similar to how they go with the latest trends. This is why your business will need to keep up with the times and learn to utilize marketing strategies highlighting ways to improve your reputation.

In this article, we will share how you can develop good reputation management for your hotel business:

Learn to Manage Your Hotel’s Profile

 Most customers looking to plan their next getaway and check into hotels spend their time browsing through booking websites. They read through reviews that can convince them to choose your hotel among an endless array of options.

Suppose you want to improve your chances of attracting new customers. In that case, it’s crucial to set up a profile that can leave a strong impression on users by including professional-looking photos and reliable information. Unfortunately, when you receive a bad review, it can easily change a person’s opinion about you, despite your long list of positive feedback.

While getting rid of negative feedback is discouraged, you can lighten the situation by replying to them and explaining your side so that users will know the cause of the bad rating. By letting people know that you’ll continue to work harder to accommodate your guests and prevent the unpleasant experience from happening again, you can regain their trust!

Besides making promises to your customers, you must show them that you care by taking preventive measures to avoid making the same mistakes again. You can utilize a review management software to help you keep track of your positive and negative reviews and improve your response rate to maintain your hotel’s good score.


Encourage Your Clients to Leave Reviews

Building Reputation Management for hotel

 After you set up your profile and start hauling in customers, it’s essential to ask for reviews at the end of their stay to enhance your reputation management online. Remember that your client’s reviews have the power to make or break your hotel, so you have to be prepared to receive all types of feedback.

On a lighter note, getting a personal review improves your chances of convincing other users to stay in your hotel as well. You can strengthen your connection with your clients by telling your employees to make your customers feel at home and treat them with warmth and respect.

Once you achieve your goal of creating genuine relationships with your guests, you might not even have to ask for a review because they will gladly go out of their way to write you one themselves. However, if it’s necessary, your reception staff can ask your guests politely for a review when they feel like your clients are satisfied with their stay in your hotel.

If that doesn’t work and your guests end up forgetting to leave a review, you can remind them by reaching out through email in hopes of receiving positive feedback. After achieving an adequate amount of reviews, you can use a review software to manage them properly so that more potential guests can browse through previous guests’ comments to help them decide better.



Your hotel’s reputation management profile serves as an integral part of your online marketing strategy. It can be quite challenging to maintain purely positive feedback, especially since negative reviews can easily taint your hotel’s image. This is why it’s essential to manage a high-quality profile and encourage your clients to leave reviews to increase the likelihood that more users will ignore your negative reviews and believe your positive ones instead.

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