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digital marketing and google reputation

How to Boost Your Digital Marketing and Google Reputation

The new year is the perfect time to refresh and reassess everything, especially in business. This is something your company or organization may have discussed during year-end assessments; now, it’s time to push on with concrete actions. Digital marketing and google reputation management as well as brand building are incredibly crucial.

Reputation Management

Some of the key factors in a brand’s reputation is its content and its management. This comes in particularly handy since users make content that falls under abuse, aggression, defamation, and such. Customizing your brand’s presence online can help bring in big opportunities, such as new customers.

Here are some tips on boosting the effectiveness of your digital marketing through management and brand building:

Make the Most of Google’s Questions & Answers Feature

When it was initially launched in 2017, the Google Questions & Answers feature helped brands build their digital marketing and google reputation by zeroing in on previous users’ opinions. However, it was all but revamped in 2019. The current version allows a person who runs a search on your business on Google to ask a question, then receive an instant response from Google.

Used properly, Google Questions & Answers will be an incredible tool in building a consistent image for your brand, which in turn will attract potential consumers. Do your best to track questions from customers and answer them in a timely manner. When business owners respond with beneficial, insightful answers, people will get the idea that they have excellent customer service.

Use Structured Data Where Possible

Search results are another vital place where you should have a strong brand image. The easiest way to make, design, and maintain this image is by using organized data smartly. Your website will then be able to offer potential customers incredibly rich results, while giving your brand’s professionalism a boost.

For a standard structure that can present website information and correctly classify page content, use Google Structured Data. Whether it’s images, reviews, services, or a listicle of Frequently Asked Questions, whatever content is on the page will get classified. Search engines will be able to recognize your content much easier when you have unique HTML attributes added to your website’s pages. In turn, this means that your content and website, in general, will have a much better search performance overall.

Keep Your NAP Consistent

It’s crucial to your brand authority as well as your SEO efforts for your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) to be clear and correct. Difficulty in locating the correct contact information can drive potential customers away. By default, Google will seek information for business’ listings through various data aggregators and other resources. Should your NAP information prove not to be trustworthy, your search engine rankings could be impacted negatively.


Building the reputation of your business can take up to several months at a time. Having it ruined will only take a matter of seconds. Reputation management online that’s done smartly with Google can help you maintain a strong brand image and business reputation.

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