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How the Pandemic Affected GMB Reviews and What to Do About It

While no one can ever accurately predict what the future holds for them, now it is even harder to forecast what lies ahead—especially with the ongoing pandemic. Everything seems to be stopping, be it large-scale sporting events or just your average Sunday family meetups. It does not get any better for businesses either, as the government’s efforts to slow down the virus’ spread have slowed down economic activity as well! That being said, an essential aspect of marketing your business out there is with the help of GMB Reviews. They act like word-of-mouth promotions, where customers can share opinions about a particular company with another potential customer. Unfortunately, if you have been relying on GMB (Google My Business) to gather and display your business’ reviews, know that the pandemic has even affected that!

Here is how the pandemic affected GMB and what you can do about it to bolster your business even further:

Google My Business and COVID-19

Just like many other companies out there, Google themselves have listened to the government and implemented rules and regulations to maintain a safe working environment. This includes protocols to promote social distancing and policies to implement working from home. Unfortunately, this also means that Google has also slowed down in terms of productivity. This means that some of their services may be delayed, limited, and slowed down as a result.

Google My Business has been affected by these changes too. While it still is accessible online for you to check, uploading new information, like reviews and responses, is currently delayed—if not suspended entirely. This means that whatever you have up there now, that is what you have to work with!

How to address the slowdown

With the slowdown of services from GMB reviews, it can spell trouble for your business! For example, when you cannot gain new or additional reviews for your business, customers may believe that you are not doing any more business—thus essentially causing them to avoid you. The inability to regulate and verify Q&A can also be troublesome on your end.

Despite that, there are various other ways you can continue receiving reviews and connecting with your current audience. All of these new opportunities can be discovered when trying out new digital marketing ideas! For instance, email marketing is a great way to send custom content to your customers to get them engaged with your business. You can then lead these engagements to other review platforms to collect more reviews without relying on your GMB listing.


Not knowing what the future holds can be scary for some, especially for business owners who fear for their business’s longevity. However, you must not fear the unknown; in fact, you should embrace it! Face it with courage, and do not be afraid to try new methods to engage with your audience.

You will need to put a lot of effort into connecting with your customers to bolster your business, from collecting new reviews to making sales. As daunting as it may seem, your hard work will pay off in the end. Not only will you survive this harsh reality that many other businesses are currently facing, but you can thrive in it too. This ensures that, once the pandemic has ended, you are well ahead of the competition and ready to grow your business even more.

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