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How Online Reviews Can Influence Your Local SEO Rankings

Gone are the days when consumers only listened to what brands had to say. With the prevalence of various platforms today and the many online users who are not afraid to speak up, these have paved the way for online reviews that are valuable today. Yet, these reviews are not only for consumers but for also businesses, specifically on their local SEO rankings.

If you are wondering about the link between SEO and online reviews, we will discuss more about that topic in this article.

Search Engines Are User-Focused

Search engines, especially Google, have become more user-focused. This ultimately means that they are focused on offering excellent service to users by providing them with what they need when they need it. Search engines also guarantee users valuable results to answer their queries. With that, aside from backlinks that help your website gain more domain authority, reviews also help search engines determine whether or not your business is trustworthy.

If your business has plenty of positive and quality reviews, the search engine will send users a signal to trust your business compared to others. Additionally, search engines use reviews to gauge if your business is meeting the needs of consumers.

Positive Impact On-Site Traffic

One of the main reasons you have SEO in place is to gain more site traffic. This is because the amount of traffic you get has a significant impact on your local SEO rankings. So, how do you gain traffic?

Aside from the strategic placement of keywords in your content and other marketing strategies, reviews help make your site more attractive. When you have more quality reviews, your site will likely show up on the first page of Google’s search results, which is the only place you need to be!

Another Effective Way To Use Keywords

Remember that a big part of your SEO efforts is your keyword usage. Online reviews can contain keywords that are relevant to your business, which may also be helpful in your local rankings. Without much knowledge about what they’re doing, your customers actually use keywords to describe your products or services, and those reviews add more value to your SEO and your business!

Work On Getting More Reviews

Now is the best time to boost your business reviews. With that, you need to create a strategy that will let you gain more positive reviews. Fortunately, there are many effective ways to acquire more good and quality reviews from your customers, such as asking for feedback or offering incentives. Likewise, make it easier on your end and have more time for other aspects of your business by using tools that are available to you, such as Rephub’s online reputation management software.

Make sure you stick to white hat SEO, or your website could get banned from search engines!


Now that you know the significant impact of reviews on your business, it’s time you stock up on good reviews that you can showcase on your website and other platforms. When you have lots of reviews, not only will they boost your rankings, but they can also boost your reputation, which is crucial to your credibility.

As mentioned, there are many ways to gain more reviews, and one of the most effective ones that can save you a lot of time is using effective tools.

If you are looking for quality review software for your business, then you have come to the right place. At Rephub, our experts can help you get more reviews for your business. Get started with us today and enjoy free 30-day access!

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