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How Online Reputation Has Greatly Affected Businesses Today

Business owners who want to develop a digital presence also have to deal with building a healthy reputation. You take the risk of putting yourself out there without any assurance that consumers will like what you’re offering, let alone always have something nice to say about you! At the same time, you deal with reviews containing both good and bad feedback from your customers; as a result, your online reputation is affected! Receiving negative input from your unsatisfied clients can take its toll on your business—especially if you don’t take the necessary measures to handle it and prevent it from happening again.

Over the years, businesses have seen the significant influence that reviews have over a consumer’s purchasing decision. It has significantly impacted the way a brand’s reputation management should be handled! Keep reading below to find out how online reputation has affected businesses in today’s modern times.

Online Reputation Can Make Or Break Your Brand

Before the internet, people relied on referrals, word-of-mouth, and the thrill of trying new things. Online reviews only came around in 2004 when Yelp was born, pushing users to turn to the internet for advice, looking for answers on whether they should trust a specific business or not.

Depending on the feedback you get, you can expect people’s opinions of your brand to change the way other consumers think of you, even without giving your business a chance first. You end up getting judged for something that may or may not be accurate—and it’s a risk you should be willing to take!

The Way You Respond To Reviews Affects Your Image

Once you gather your customers’ opinions using a review software, you shouldn’t stop there and just display your reviews. How you reply to each of the feedback you receive can reflect your brand’s image.

Users will spend their time browsing through the reviews of a brand they’re interested in, but they will also look at how the business responds to the judgments made about them. They want to know how the brand can take criticism, and if they will take the necessary actions to become a better business!

If they’re satisfied with what they see, then despite your negative reviews, customers will still give your business a chance to redeem itself.

Your Online Reputation Content Represents Your Business

Aside from taking care of your reviews, a brand’s online reputation management also involves updating your social media to represent your business well. After all, customers want to find out more information about your brand, including your entire catalog.

They will sift through your posts and browse through your media until they end up on your website, where you can provide a more in-depth look at what you’re offering. If you allow email subscriptions and potential customers to join your newsletter, they will also determine what kind of brand you are and what values you uphold based on the emails you send out.

Your Physical Presence Matters

Your online presence isn’t the only thing your customers care about. If you have local clients, then they have the opportunity to visit your store and witness up close how your business interacts with buyers—which is a great opportunity for the more critical shopper.

They will take note of the attributes of your place, how your staff acts, and how much your products or services cost. They will also consider what benefits they can achieve from your business, including any available promos and discounts.


Your business’ reputation management online involves your reviews, your local listings, your website, and your social media platforms. Consumers who show interest in your brand will go out of their way to gather information about you before deciding to trust you completely.

Knowing how to handle your reputation is necessary to make a name for yourself and continue handling positive and negative reviews with grace. Relying on a reputation management company is also helpful because while you focus on running your business, a professional can keep developing ways to improve your brand’s image.

Are you looking for the best reputation management software in the US to improve your business’ digital presence? Rephub offers a convenient method to handle your reviews, allowing you to take control of your internet reputation. Get in touch with us today to find out how it works!

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