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4 Ways to Manage Negative Facebook Reviews With Finesse

No matter how big or small your business is, you’ll always benefit from negative facebook reviews. The valuable insight provided by your audience can help you improve your business and lend a unique solution to your customers’ problems. Although praise and positive feedback are indicative that you’re doing something right, negative feedback is equally important. It highlights ways you can outshine your competitors if you approach it the right way.

Monitoring your social media for feedback is crucial to the process. Although negative Facebook reviews can affect your credibility and reputation, dealing with them in a strategic and graceful manner can work as an opportunity to attract more customers. People appreciate it when businesses handle themselves professionally regardless of the circumstances, so the way you respond to negative reviews can actually win you some points with your customers.

Here are four ways to regulate your reviews on Facebook and manage your reputation:

1.  Keep Notifications On Negative Facebook Reviews

 Keeping tabs on your social media means being aware of everything customers put on your pages, so you’ll want to keep your notifications activated. Doing this will allow you to look through posts and tags right away, which reduces the risk of exposing your business to relentless criticism and negative facebook reviews.

If you haven’t set this up yet, go to the Settings page of your Facebook business page. Click on Notifications, which is on the left pane. Click the first option to enable notifications and ensure that notifications for New Page Review, New Post Comment, and New Page Mention are all activated.


2.  Reply to Your Customers

 Whether you get a good or bad review, the best way to react is to respond to each customer. Doing this shows that your company genuinely cares about your customers’ experience regardless of the quality. Make each response sound personable so that the client will feel heard, which may encourage them to return to your business and try your product or service again.

Bad reviews or recommendations offer the option for you to give feedback. To do this, click on the three-button icon to the right of the review and click the option. This feature will allow you to tag any inappropriate reviews as Harassment, Hate Speech, or False News. Facebook can then delete the review upon their assessment, but keep in mind that this may take a while.


3.  Check Visitor Posts

 As you monitor your social media, you should make sure to check your visitor posts. Your page must be free of unfair and fake posts, as this can tarnish your reputation. To accomplish this, go to the Settings part of your business page. Click General on the left pane, then edit the Visitor Posts. Ensure that you enable the ‘Review posts by other people before they are published to the Page’ option.

4.  Invest in the Best Reputation Management Software

 Another effective way to monitor your social media pages is to invest in the best reputation management software, like our software at Rephub. Such software automates the process for you so that you don’t have to spend hours manually combing through comments and reviews. It will automatically surveil your page for any fake and defamatory reviews while promoting glowing praise and feedback about your business. It will also highlight and previous good reviews that might have gone unnoticed.

With this software, you’ll save plenty of time and energy in managing your social media. As you focus on growing your business, our software is on the lookout for negative reviews that harm your company.


 Keeping watch on your social media posts and reviews can be time-consuming and tedious. It’s also a fast way to add even more stress to your job, as it takes away attention from your main functions of running day to day operations. Fortunately, with these tips and the help of a reliable reputation management software, you won’t have to worry about your online reputation.

If you need the best online reputation management software for your enterprise, be sure to check us out at Rephub! Take control of your online reputation with our software, which will help you increase your business’s visibility and save you time and energy on review monitoring. Sit back and relax as we do all the social media monitoring for you. Get started with a free 30-day access today!

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