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Handle Negative Reviews

4 Great Ways to Handle Negative Online Business Reviews

This digital age provides customers with online platforms to voice their thoughts about a brand, product, or service, and usually, the most vocal customers are the unsatisfied ones. This makes businesses susceptible to receiving bad online feedback that can affect their image and sales.

Handling negative reviews have the power to shape your target audience’s public perception and purchasing decisions. While getting negative feedback is inevitable, you can create a strategic response to help improve your relationship with your customers and provide them with an exceptional shopping experience. Here are the best ways to deal with negative business reviews :

1. Handle Negative Reviews

Your customers’ reviews about your product or service often need a prompt response. Failing to address them at the time your assistance is badly needed can taint your online reputation.

It’s understandable to overlook a bad review with the overwhelming number of online forums, social media apps and websites, and other platforms that can be used to share the consumers’ pressing issues. To ensure that each of them gets resolved quickly, handle negative reviews regularly. Consider partnering with a reputation management company to help you get access to the best social media monitoring tools.

2.  Analyze every bad review

With an online review management service, collect all available information about each bad review so you can create the most appropriate response for this. Take into account the reason why your customers gave a negative review, analyze their tone, and check if what they experienced is an isolated incident or a recurring problem with your business, product, or service. Afterward, determine the department or employee who can best respond to the issue and assign them this responsibility.

3.  Post a public response

Posting a public response for a negative review shows that you are committed to taking responsibility seriously and showcases your dedication to customer service and transparency. Simply acknowledging their negative experience is a big step to providing your consumers with the service they need and deserve.

When publicizing your response, make sure to respond promptly and apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused your customer. If you are having trouble assessing the information about your customer or you need more time to speak with the department or employees involved, inform them that you require more details about their complaint. Assure them that you are looking into the issue right away and give them specific steps your business takes to address their concern. Most importantly, no matter how rude or disrespectful their feedback is, stay professional and level-headed and maintain a helpful and polite tone at all times.

4.  Take the necessary steps to resolve bad reviews

Resolve complaints efficiently by doing specific steps to handle negative reviews from customer. Keep in mind that a heartfelt apology may not be enough to satisfy your disgruntled consumers, so it is best to consult with your department to prevent encountering these bad customer experiences. This way, your customers are more likely to do business with you again.


The key to winning customer loyalty and trust is ensuring satisfaction and providing excellent customer service. Follow the steps listed above and seek help from a reputation management agency to help you control your online reputation.

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