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3 Online Reputation Management Strategies for Your Business

In addition to having an online presence, every business must carefully manage their online reputation. After all, the internet is a volatile and unforgiving environment. A 2019 survey showed that consumers read at least ten reviews before they start to trust a business, and it can take an average of 14 minutes before they make any purchase.

Without a well-managed online presence and reputation, your business would be hard-pressed to convince leads to buy your product or pay for your service. As such, it is crucial to have the right marketing strategies in place, including the right online reputation management strategies.

Just as easily as your business can go viral for the right reasons, it can also go viral for all the wrong ones. Some businesses can survive this by having the right responses, but even the smallest mistake can be a grave risk for newer and smaller businesses. As such, we have created this guide of some strategies you can employ to avoid going viral for all the worst reasons:

1. Try to get into private Facebook groups

There are Facebook groups for everything these days, and there will likely be several for the industry you are in. Although they may have certain requirements to get in, they often possess information about what consumers think about your business. The problem here is they are exempt from social listening tools and are not included in hashtag or keyword searches, depending on their privacy settings.

As such, it might be useful to get someone you know or trust into these groups to stay ahead of the discussion. A lot of times, before anything goes truly viral, they become hot topics in these groups.

2. Carefully observe industry-specific review sites

Reputation Management Strategies

Other than Yelp, Facebook, and Google, plenty of niche review websites are highly industry-specific. For better online reputation management, you should identify all the industry-specific review platforms your business might be on. If it is possible to create business profiles on these pages, do so. That way, you might be able to better manage both good and bad reviews.

3. Find the more authentic reviews

To properly manage your business’s online reputation, it is important to have an idea of what people actually think of your brand. However, doing so might prove difficult, with all the ways people can post reviews online. Between Twitter, Reddit, and all the other platforms, it might be more challenging to determine the actual state of public opinion about your business.

To that end, you could use online reputation management tools and software to keep abreast of these opinions.

In conclusion With Reputation Management Strategies

Whatever industry you might be in, and whatever products and services you might provide, it is critical that you take the time to cultivate a well-crafted online presence. This means managing your reputation and employing the right marketing strategies. You must always be aware of consumer opinions on your brand and respond correctly should the time come that you go viral, even if for all the wrong reasons.

If you need an online reputation management strategies partner for your business, send us a message at Rephub. We have the expertise to manage how people see your brand because, after all, perception is reality.

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