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3 Different Types of Customer Reviews and How It Impacts Your Business

The internet provides a versatile avenue where businesses can tap into their target audience, while consumers are on the hunt for the best brands to choose from the saturated market. It’s a dog-eat-world landscape where both heavily rely on the reviews of like-minded individuals, clients, and previous customers to help them navigate the complexities of online shopping.

Web-savvy customers look at reviews first before spending a single dollar on your offer, making your online reputation a crucial asset in your revenue. The mistake is that businesses often see online reviews as one large scope, but there are three popular types of feedback that have the biggest impact on your image:

1. Customer Reviews

As the moniker suggests, this type of online review encompasses ratings that describe the company as a whole from the customers’ perspective. You often see these as Google Seller Ratings, Seller Feedback from Amazon, and Feedback from eBay.

This helps curious viewers and potential customers from seeing the quality of your customer service as it highlights the consumers’ order experience – from the moment they added to cart down to the delivery.

Businesses can gain better insight regarding their customer service by analyzing company reviews, making it possible to see areas that need improvement.

2. Product Reviews

 One of the most important forms of reviews for e-commerce sites, product reviews encompass comments that focus on the quality of your products. This includes its relevance, effectiveness, and ability to meet your promised standards, be it through the ease of use, durability, and more.

Product reviews act as powerful tools that can make or mar another buyer’s decision. High ratings can put your customers at ease and give them confidence in your brand, while negative reviews can bump up your bounce rate.

3. Review Rich Snippets

 Review rich snippets refer to specific details that help Google evaluate your content. Websites that have rich snippets often gain the attention of users in search results, especially since it gives your brand a significant boost in credibility and web authority.

You can notice the snippets by looking at the star rating and order ID, which are typically built into leading review sites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and even Facebook. While it doesn’t describe a customer’s experience, rich snippets can pack an influential weight since it helps consumers determine your reputation at a glance.

The Bottom Line: Understanding How Different Types Of Customer Reviews Drive Unique Results For Your Business

 Whether you’re offering a service, an online extension of your brick-and-mortar business, or an e-commerce site, online reviews can impact a person’s perception in more ways than one. Even larger-than-life corporations can lose their credibility if they get a negative rating, while start-ups can get a fighting chance.

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